Flappy Tates: The Rewarding NFT Game

The start screen of the game Flappy Tates NFT Solana

Welcome Pixelated fam! You are all wondering what Flappy Tates will bring you. Well, we can only say on thing: the future. Who would have thought that the one and only legend, Andrew Tate, the Top G, would appear on the Solana blockchain. Pixelated creates this reality. The Pixelated Tates NFT project launched in February 2024 revealed his true form to you.

Enough, cut the crap! Let’s talk money.

Why would I play Flappy Tates?

Why wouldn’t you, brokie? You are sitting behind a screen all day anyways, why not just play a game where you can earn SOL and NFT rewards?

What do I need to play Flappy Tates?

If you are a brokie you only need an internet connection and a device to play on. If you are no brokie and want to earn some rewards, you need a Pixelated Tate NFT to begin with. More on this later.

What are the benefits of playing Flappy Tates?

As said before, when you play using your own Pixelated Tate, you and your Tate will be featured on the leaderboard. Secondly, if you become one of the top 5 players/Gs you will also be eligible for the juicy rewards each month.

So if I want to be a real Top G I need a Pixelated Tate NFT?

Yes! Duh.

How can I play Flappy Tates or buy a Pixelated Tate?

You can play Flappy Tates here: play now!

You can still mint a Pixelated Tate here: mint now!

You can view the current leaderboard here: view leaderboard!

One last message from the real Top G(PT)

Introducing Flappy Tates: the game where you take control of Andrew Tate on a mission to rid the world of vapes, one jump at a time! With its addictive gameplay and hilarious premise, Flappy Tates will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Picture this: Andrew Tate soaring through the air, jumping through clouds of vapor with his famous quote echoing in the background – “BREATHE AIR.” But beware, touch a vape and it’s game over! Andrew Tate really hates vapes, and he’s not afraid to show it.

But here’s the best part – in Flappy Tates, you can use your very own Pixelated Tate NFT to play! Imagine guiding Andrew Tate through the vape-filled skies using your own unique NFT. It’s a true moment of glory as you navigate through obstacles and climb the leaderboard.

Speaking of leaderboards, Flappy Tates offers more than just bragging rights. When you reach new high scores, your username and score will be prominently displayed alongside your Pixelated Tate NFT. It’s a chance to showcase your skills and your personalized avatar to the world.

But that’s not all – Flappy Tates also rewards your success with Solana and exclusive NFTs. The higher you climb, the greater the rewards! It’s not just about beating your own score anymore – it’s about dominating the competition and collecting valuable prizes along the way.

So join Andrew Tate in his crusade against vapes, and experience the thrill of Flappy Tates for yourself. With its addictive gameplay, personalized avatars, and exciting rewards, this is one game you won’t want to miss. Play Flappy Tates online now and let the fun begin!

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