Flappy Tates: The Rewarding NFT Game

The start screen of the game Flappy Tates NFT Solana

Welcome Pixelated fam! You are all wondering what Flappy Tates will bring you. Well, we can only say on thing: the future. Who would have thought that the one and only legend, Andrew Tate, the Top G, would appear on the Solana blockchain. Pixelated creates this reality. The Pixelated Tates NFT project launched in February […]

Pixelated Tates NFT

Why Buy A Pixelated Tate? Pixelated Tates is a Solana NFT project with a lot of benefits. First of all you will be able to use your NFT in a game where you will want to get onto the monthly leaderboard. If you manage to get in the top 5 you will receive some good […]